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IAQ - Energy Solutions

can specify the
best UVC product
for your application.

We maintain strategic alliances with

  • major UVC device manufacturers
  • UVC experts in the HVAC industry
  • medical professionals
  • indoor air quality professionals

Our access to specific sets of expertise enables us to supply, design, and install just the right ultraviolet germicidal device or system for your application:

  • odor complaints
  • HVAC system efficiency problems
  • HVAC energy improvements

UVC Applications

large air handlers
limited access installations
rooftop air handlers
residential and light commercial
operating room disinfection
ultraviolet water purification
upper air disinfection


  • UVC installation
  • UVC equipment
  • replacement lamps and parts

  • UVC system design
  • referrals
  • UVC output testing

At IAQ-Energy Solutions, we make it our business to keep abreast of advances in UVC technology. All products are tested for output and reliability before being added to our product line.

We represent the following manufacturers:

UV Resources
a complete line of UVC products for commercial and residential HVAC applications

  • RLM Xtreme high UVC output, remote mount ballasts, "Encapsulamp" PTFE lamp sleeves
  • DEF (double end) high and standard output fixtures
  • X-Plus external mount for rooftop and fan-coil units with up to 5 foot lamp lengths
  • economical Hornet for residential & light commercial / adaptable to 24 & 120 volt power
  • Bio-aerosol reduction calculation software for special applications
  • replacement lamps and parts for most major UVC for HVAC products
For more information on UV Resources visit

Ultra Violet Devices Inc. (UVDI)

  • V-Mod rail-mounted, removable UVC fixtures
  • V-Res high UVC output for residential and light commercial
  • Photo-Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) systems for VOC control
For more information on UVDI visit

Dust Free

  • 4Xtreme high UVC output external mount with insertion lamps for rooftop units
  • Triad and VersaLight high UVC output with O3 lamps for odor-control applications
For more information on Dust Free visit

Atlantic Ultraviolet

  • ultraviolet water purification equipment
  • replacement lamps and parts for Aquafine, Culligan, Trojan, Wedeco, and other brands
For more information on Atlantic Ultra Violet visit UVC sterilization products

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