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Improving indoor air quality in homes

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Aerial Assault

Your air conditioner is designed to operate in cycles - shutting on and off to maintain a fairly constant temperature. But every time the system shuts down, moisture condenses around the cooling coil and collects in the drain pan, turning your air conditioner into an incubator for bacteria and mold spores.

What's more, when it cycles back on, your ducts and vents serve as a highly efficient delivery system for legions of airborne pathogens. These microbes, along with human-source viruses, circulate throughout your home. Distributed to every room, they soon travel into the lungs and bloodstreams of the occupants.

Before and 
after exposure to UVC lights
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Defeat Them at Their Source

To combat this microscopic menace, a booming industry has been created. Air filters, room air purifiers, and cleaning chemicals are widely available - but these methods are either temporary or tend to treat the effect rather than the cause. Now, technology that has been proven in large commericial applications is available for residential systems.


"My husband has gotten sinus infections on a regular basis for many years. Since the UVC lights were installed in our air conditioning by IAQ-Energy Solutions in the spring of 2003, this recurring problem is gone."
--Jennifer Klein, Dickinson, TX

"My nephew began developing allergy and asthma symptoms several years ago. when IAQ-Energy Solutions put the UV lightts in our air conditioning, he was able to stop using his inhaler and stop taking medication for his condition."
--Lucecio Solis, Houston, TX

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