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Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems move large amounts of outdoor and recirculated air through occupied buildings. When occupants leave, the system is shut down to save energy. Mold breeds downstream of the filter in the cooling coils and drain pan. The air handling system becomes a conduit for the spread of mold allergens and tiny viruses and bacteria -- small enough to pass through most filters. Thus the growing number of allergy and asthma sufferers and the increase in incidents of sick building syndrome (SBS) and building-related illness (BRI) being documented by medical professionals.

Now there is a solution!



As air circulates through the HVAC equipment, ultraviolet germicidal lights bathe the air with UVC rays, which are deadly to bacteria, viruses, mold and its byproduct spores, toxins, and odors. The lights are installed downstream of the filter -- between the evaporator coil and the drainpan so that both areas receive constant radiation.

The germicidal rays gradually destroy the accumulation of mold and other contaminants and prevent any future build-up of these particles in the equipment. Typically the coils and pan become as clean as they were when installed.

These lights are designed to operate inside HVAC systems. They produce maximum output at 40 to 50°F (5 to 10°C) in high humidity. Fixtures are available for all types and sizes of HVAC configurations.

  • reduction or elimination of costly system cleaning (or replacement)
  • improved system airflow
  • restoration of heat-transfer efficiency to cooling coils

Ultraviolet germicidal lights reduce maintenance and operating cost of HVAC systems. The UVC rays eradicate existing mold and prevent further buildup. You no longer need costly coil, drain pan, and plenum cleaning. You experience a dramatic reduction in coil pressure and increase in air flow. Less fan energy is needed, which means lower operating cost.


Even the need for routine duct cleaning is reduced. UVC rays don't reach mold lodged in the ducts, but mold buildup lessens since airborne particles and spores multiplying in the coil area are inactivated and vaporized by UVC. In HVAC systems that use chilled water, significant improvements in energy usage are realized by keeping the cooling coils free of mold and bacteria.

In all HVAC systems, service life is lengthened when the system is kept clean. The cost of replacing an HVAC system is significant, and failure typically occurs in summer when cooling is most desperately needed. A UVC installation can pay for itself in a few months and save thousands in energy and maintenance expenses. Savings in future years will be even greater because there is no installation cost -- only the UVC lamps need to be replaced.


UVC energy can kill all known microorganisms. No filter or electrostatic filter, ozone generator, or electronic air cleaner can do that. Each UVC device delivers more than 5 times the output of a standard UVC lamp with nearly twice the service life when subjected to cold moving air inside HVAC equipment.

Unlike the UVC lamps in years past that weakened and faltered in cold and/or moving air, today's ultraviolet germicidal rays remain consistent despite the hostile operating environments inside HVAC systems. These devices combine specialized electronic power supplies and unique blends of gases and vapors to produce high output and very stable ultraviolet energy.

The most obvious advantage of the UVC installation is the dramatic improvement in air quality experienced by all the building occupants. No more dirty sock odors. Relief from chronic allergies, asthma, colds, and flu. Easier breathing. Invigorating fresh air!


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